The Impersonal Personal Personification

This is where I list all my wonderful achievements, awards and accolades; most often written in a third person. All of which have little use in measuring up an individual anymore than formal education has in the real world.

In this competitive day and age, how we become so accustomed to paper trail judgments and black and white subletting in exchange for what talent or ability really exists. Yet without these things, we must seemingly go against the tidal wave of perpetuating principles, in a societal structure where principles have taken the place of people.

What concerns me about this practice of imaging, is the observance of these standardized settlements that have placed themselves out in front of the individual who harbors the potential to think for him/herself. Responsiveness is almost immediate and judgements made quick, without any data to base decisions but the enslavement of self.

This occurrence can be observed in many ways, whether this prejudice is of color, age, gender, nationality, etc. Moreover, these sceptic thoughts are also turned within, consecrating an inferiority complex by which one is impelled to struggle in resistance.

( and now back to Ariel )

For many years, I have continued research and put into practice a variety of methods taught to me by many notable teachers and as well, disguised in many forms. It was always made clear that a teacher of human guise could only take one so far, but if one were to open to the invisible, there it is that can be found the source of all things.

The only way to truly learn something is to simply just do it, if one wants to learn bad enough, personal will has the power of manifesting the situation.  

On the surface side of reality, I am certified as a Hypnotherapist Lifestyle Consultant,Trainer and teacher of the Martial Arts, in which I have taught  and lectured professionally for many years.
Autobiography of a Yogi
By Paramahansa Yogananda
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