Temple Entrance
Temple Entrance

This picture is a reminder that wherever we may be, the doorway into our own sacred space remains always open and is forever welcoming "presence." As space holds no such boundaries, the "I, you & we" (pertaining to identity) is washed away in the great ocean which permeates all. This passage within is that which extends outwardly in a manifestation of life.

As with all living organisms, there is a continual tension between polarities, for where there is light, there is dark; where there is life, there is death. Within the sacred grounds of our temple is a balance between these extremes.

Upon entrance into the temple, we are faced with dual entities that may be considered guardians or gatekeepers of the holy grounds. If one should choose to enter through the gates, one must employ a shifting of perspectives that would enable them to pass, much like opening a door.

Enlightenment is...
the spontaneous combust-ability of being

      This concept is quite often difficult to grasp for the Western-bred mind, however it may be that one can observe the simplicity within complexity. The difficulty therein lies in the aim to grasp, hold and accumulate substance. All of which becomes ones binding response, as our many things appear to carry a responsibility by which we are bound.

It is then that life, or one's existence, is layered with a responsiveness that reacts almost instinctively to the pressures and challenges of integrating with the outer world.

"To be or not to be" was a question that Shakepeare had long ago weaved into the human dialogue. Let us then examine what exactly it means to "be" and the state of being.

To be, is to simply allow without restraint, much like the element water works in combination with its surroundings. Moreover, the ebb & flow of momentum, generally provides enough energy to follow through, just think of a sail boat being carried by the winds upon a vast oceanic body.

As John Lennon's revolutionary song "Let it Be" foretold, there is a much greater ease with our relationship in the world and around us when we simply allow, accept and grant a perceptual openess to others, even if it places a restriction upon our own personal belief.

There may be some degree of discomfort when feeling confronted with opposition to that which we have found familiarity with, a comfort zone sort of speak. Prejudism through many ages, has molded itself into a cavern of great depth, so dark and deep that it harbors many aspects of humanity with little detection. Life experience however, has a way of stretching and expanding our personal boundaries, for the nature of life is growth.

Where there is resistance, we can as well find some measure of closure. For example, imagine somebody that is attempting to enter your space and there is a door that you are pressing up against in order to keep them out. As with all things, there is an equality of opposites by which we are governed. Therefore when we are impelled to resist and hold something at bay, we are then pressured to pull back in compensation. By pushing against the door in order to protect your safety from within, you as well shut yourself out.   

If we experience pain on some level, there is a residual manifestation of resistance within ourselves that restrains us from just being or allowing experience a freedom to blend its unique wisdom into our journey.

Enlightenment Is...

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