You have a disclaimer on your site that says for entertainment purposes only, is this for real?

Is this for real? hmmm... Just a quick note before we go into that, there seems to be a pattern with these first three questions and my initial response. That is to look for definitive answers where the only definite is that which you yourself label. Are you psychic... is this for real?

This type of questioning we use to define our space is of much limited resources, for it places a match to things that may have had many purposes that are now limited to one... in our personal reality that is. 

Coming back to the question, it is important to note that there are sites on the net that create a name and profile for the people acting as psychic. We do not employ such measures, our services are offered out with the best of ability and utmost respect, of which is appreciated in return.

Consultations are offered out with a full honest consensus in the scope of sharing the light within. The entertainment purposes only disclaimer is only there to protect us from being a harbinger of ignorance. Then again, you could always claim you had cytoplasm spilled on you during a reading.

Other psychics have listed they are 98% accurate, what is your accuracy?

In a consultation, psychics may be taking in images, sounds, sensations, feelings and the like, placed in a past, present and future format. If by example,we chose a linear outlook on things, I’m afraid the psychic wouldn’t be of much use in this field. Might make a great drill sergeant though.

To give such exacting measurement to our eternally changing is only as valid as the belief it shapes. As well, even though this is a business of human service, it is a business. So my prediction would be that other psychics feel the need to competitively leaven their place in this practice by following suit.

People in general have a need that wants to be fulfilled and will accept into their sphere that which appeals and sustains their expectant desires.What do you think helped with Ms. Cleo's appeal?  On the other end are the industries that cater to these wanton needs, thus creating a collapsible empire of purchase priced emptiness which only feeds the hunger ever the more.

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Are you psychic?

This is rather a difficult question for we are ALL psychic and have the ability to access information outside of our sphere of conscious dualities. The word “psychic” comes from the Greek psychikos, of the soul and from psyche, soul. Defined as a person apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. Our access to these realms outside of our awareness is based on many co-factors, generally a person who practices going beyond their perceptual range will make attempts to create an environment which will be supportive of their endeavor. Much of what we see and experience is very much a large part of the perceptual range we allow ourselves. One who delves into areas of the paranormal is already on the journey of growth which extends awareness beyond the natural capacity.

At some point in our historical junction, the values of not entering the occult domains were written in our logic. Although the word “occult” brings up images of the devil, witchcraft and other evildoings, it comes from the Latin occultus, from occulere “to cover up, hide.” Interesting that on one hand, occult is defined as being not revealed: secret, hidden and mysterious and on the other hand is to “shut off from view, cover and eclipse.” Whatever the case, always choose your representation wisely.
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