John sat down for a reading with me, this was our first reading together and his third time to ever have a consultation.

I scanned his body through the opening of my heart, then took a backward step into the mainframe of my subconscious mind for feedback.

There were several  different types of symbols that made their appearance when he sat down at first, but It was important that my mind be completely clear so that I may accept what information came to me without editing. (as most mental health professionals know, this is an important part of the process as well)

I closed my eyes, stepped up and out of my vibrational sphere while keeping a feint connection with the earth. (this is just one method of "energetics" used during readings, this particular method allows me to sever my affective self and be the reflective self while we allow polarization its process of unification) 

Into his energy I went, he was a rock. I was only able to go so deep, but his stumbling block became mine. I shifted awareness and allowed for an in pouring of information that would offer more clarification in the grand schematics of translating signs. 

I began to lead our conversation, systematically checking underneath his awareness for some kind of sign offering agreement it was his time to know.

When I recieved the go ahead, I stopped in mid sentence with what I was saying. Took a deep breath, then proceeded to lean over and whiper to him in a voice I was unfamiliar with. "I see you," were the words.

At the time my mindframe was in fluctuation, somewhere between Theta and Delta states.. kind of a quasi Hypnogogic state if you will.

I could see the background all around me swirling and begin to take the shape of his arms as they folded in over his heart, the room appeared as if it was being taken in and swallowed. He took a silent, yet quite powerful breath, then just broke down and wept. (being empathic and able to experience the emotions of other people at heightened levels can be a real learning experience at times)

He couldn't quite control his emotions and I knew we had work to do,  so we went to a more private and comforting space. (this was during a psychic fair at the mall, people were very curious and I wanted his space to be protected so we could work through other more serious issues)

Later on he told me that when I said to him him "I see you," that not only my voice but my face also completely changed into his uncle who had just passed on a few months before and whom he missed terribly.

We ended up spending a few hours working on things he may have not shared with anyone. In those few hours, we pulled weeds that if not had been pulled, the vibrations being emitted from him would've more than likely taken him into more dangerous territory than he was already enmeshed. 

That was over 10 years ago today and I'm very proud to say that he is a well established gentleman with a beautiful wife, kids and the life he had always wanted.

Although I did change his name to protect privacy, this is just one of many true to life consultations of magical proportions.
"Sometimes the further one can step back, the greater the scope of the whole."
Real Life Account
Here is a story to give you an example as to the unpredictability of what may happen during a psychic reading and intuitive consultation.

"To do any one thing effectively, the honest to goodness trust of oneself at levels beyond comprehension is detrimental. It is by this very faculty that one divide the art from the artist.

Our life is the masterpiece that we, with our own hands, hang upon the perceptual walls which inhabit us and even though we may sometimes have the duty of coloring within lines, one is most always the one that chooses which color."
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