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Spoken Word Poetry
                          Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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Wisdom of the Ancients
Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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What if.....
Everyone were to donate
a penny toward peace.
One single cent,
nothing more.
nothing less.
Not a dependent of status,
earnings or holdings.

Let’s see.
That comes to .30 per month,
3.60 for the year.
Let’s pretend we’ll live to 100.
360. for a lifetime.
Now if we add up the populace.
There are over 6 billion at this time.

World Population Clock
Ok. 6,000,000,000 x 360 =
this comes to a grand total of
over 2 trillion dollars.

Even if everyone around the globe
were willing to commit for only
ONE day,
that would come to a total of
sixty million dollars!!!

A Penny for Your Thoughts
An Autobiography:
The Story of
My Experiments
With Truth
Biography -
Mother Teresa:
A Life of Devotion
If I were to add a penny,
without ever banking on a return,
rather plant the seed of letting
freedom and peace have their turn.

Isn’t it time now we change?
Haven’t we evolved enough yet?
Billions of years in preparation
for a century of potential to end it?

Please believe we can do this,
the spirit of the world we may lift.
When we come together and give,
we are sharing the mother's wish.

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