My will to know could only take me so far, for I was quite deep in the thickets of the wilderness. There are times that in order to observe ones position, we must travel to a destination far removed from that of our own. I was in search of answers, yet in the process of going deeper into the forest, it became clear that the nature of truth was not found in answers.

You see, answers were much like leaves hanging on to a branch well into the month of December. This is all it knows how to do, everyday then becomes a life or death battle. The question is.. does the leaf or rather we, let go at such time or continue holding on to something which has little or no use but the weight of it’s own representation?

If one believe a thing to be true, yet all around him is beset by the same enmity of truth, does one keep the attachment of righteous pride, or turn and realize there was never a factual wrong or right. It is but just a simple matter of time and placement, then gone like the wind that it first came with. If one were to just spend more time in the natural (nature), it would be evident there’s a simplistic immensity we have not the capacity to understand.

Interestingly enough how the will to know, was in fact my very resistance to grace presence thereof. The deeper one has hidden behind their defenses, enmeshed with a gift of protection and placed in a safe haven of comfort by the devil himself, the master of illusion has done it again. The power by which he reigns is by that force invested within ourselves that provides the negative friction necessary for the works of darkness to be done. That dark place of our disposal where we tuck and lock away, without ever having to face that which lies outside of all we believe so strongly to be real.
BeWildering Wilderness
Where we attempt to lay our heads in rest
away from the trail of oncoming death.
Seduced to prove some point that we
forget our escape is only temporary.
It is as if just locking the doors to your house isn’t enough, that we feel as we must board them completely up. Such a feeling of safety may bring comfort, knowing that not a one would attempt to come in. However.. in making the decision of locking the inside out, we lock the outside in, for we are unable to pass through those locked doors as well.

Placing the target of commitment upon any one thing with the label of absolute, will eventually be the two-headed token of admittance we must pay to exit.
Three instances cover the grounds of our humanness, those are the Birth, Life & Death of all things. Most other things we encounter in life are at some level a contrivance of past, wearing hand me downs from the first breath of existence.

Through many formative years of being conditioned to   typecast even reformation, it is but a rare opportunity that one enable the conditions often necessary to release all and any sentimental leftovers of belief one tread upon, leaving footprints down this path of cobblestone ways.
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