Over and above the stratosphere of commonplace meandering, heralds a schematic by which sets itself apart from all the rest. Abreast of what difficulties are associated with human thought, emotions and the usual vicissitudes of everyday living, exists in and of itself, a part and participant to the structure of all sentient living beings. Not to be mistaken for the clever puppetry of a hand-me down fate, for what continues to preside goes untouched by the human handling of wants and needs.

Any name given to such a thing, would predicate a direction by which the will to life is enmeshed. As there is clearly a will to live, the human entity is bound by the polarization of life, however abstinent our thoughts on this matter may be, death is assured. Therefore underlying consciousness is fear, and with every mechanism to escape our inevitable death, the chasm of fear grows in dimension. This space presides between us and reality, for the inability to face what exists in our life does not go unrewarded. In fact, that which we keep hidden, only grows from our nurturing of resistance. The devil, a master projection of all the things that lay dark and dormant in human beings, is a good example of the empowerment provided to those things we'd rather not be associated with.      

With all the righteous claims to uphold a divine figure of light, there must be the acceptance of another half. Without another side, light would have no clarity, for it requires an opposite to be manifest. Much like a movie projector playing on air, without a background, the images would have no life. As such, light requires darkness to accentuate its brilliance, for without the combination, such a wonder would not exist.

Therefore, in the plain-lit girth of which I speak, darkness is as well endowed with a divine presence of absolute. To deny or forsake one for another, is like severing the left hand to lay claim on the right, but the manifestation of two gives balance to opposing energies. Opposition is generally counter-effected through the principle of adaptation, by which growth comes from a concurrent evaluation of sorts.

Mankind, with its exalted view of life and death, has waged a battle of good against evil, in order to understand its own distinct quality of consciousness. As the will yearns to live, there is a strong desire toward the immortalization of the self. One such form of this is the acquisition of objects that we engrave with our image, projecting the self into containers that will carry us beyond our physical end. The burial practice utilized today is one such instance of having a sense of eternal worth, as the dead are placed in coffin containers. However, this method only appeases the living, as it has no use for the dead

For one to bypass the logical workings of its own mechanism in order to impede upon something so eloquently outside of natural reach, would admonish the foundry of practice it has so contrived, without which utter confusion would stake the bounds in an even greater attempt to lay premise by will alone to conjure. Without the circle of presumption and no place to call its own, empty grounds would be all there is left to admire, without a name, without desire, nothing left to hold ownership therein.

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