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Clearly had marked the end to an era,
covered over and darkened by black mascara.
Eye liner so thick couldn’t see the lines,
where men and humans became mankind.
Existing blindfolded was the way of life,
saw yet unseen the falsified right.
Justified tears were drip drop cried,
deep fried to dry by man made pride.
The heart of man in this partner plan,
banded all stranded given underhanded.
Now just a story in our history books,
borrow for granted the glances looked. 
Time and pain may have set them apart,
futile the ways we have since depart.
For inside these things are inbred said,
speak of past being presently wed.
The future of tomorrow
could be seen from the ledge,
hanging frowns of yesterdays downs
in the smiles that pledge the crown of now.
Listlessly laughing while written down,
pup tent descendant of the cultural clown.

Clown Descent
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