Dancing Death Depths

Dancing with death, this shaded serenade,
light footsteps into the darkness stray.
Deep into the depths I follow,
where all around me is carcass hollow,
empty of essence without any presence,
as death takes the lead
I begin to contest this.
He assures my safety, increasing his grip,
while over the edge of a cliff we slip.
I feel myself drifting,
as the veil is lifting,
comatose shifting my eyes to sleep.

Deeper down,
deeper down we go,
him laughing all the way,
slow motion style on constant replay.
Hypnosis entranced, this ghost fitting chant
enchantingly said, voice of silence,
speech of the dead.
Speaks as if I, couldn’t deny,
to open one eye, rather close them instead.
Inwardly turned, my world been burned,
desire for living had spent what it earned.
Time now to pay the bank,
deposit of toxic waste I shrank,
leaving me only to hold
on to a blank of white. 

I awakened,
refreshed but naked,
to my surprise I was held and taken.
A masticating moment, I was lost in a thought,
mind thinking over in dream symbol sought,
to put a cap on last night,
yet caught in a catchers web,
my attention brought me back to the dead.
Where now divided, lay now and then,
other-sided, between them I.
Right and left entrance, dressed by disguise,
life had changed colors with death wearing white.
Before only darkness, but now shedding light,
death is forever and nothing to fright.
May I have this next dance, indeed.

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