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Spoken Word Poetry
                          Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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Wisdom of the Ancients
Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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Great-Grandfather Oak


                                       they called him,
the only words he spoke were in autumn.
During his speech, many came to see,
the wisdom he colored over every leaf.

Crowded around, hung on every blade of grass,
by the millions were armies of listening ants.
Each and every year, on this very same day,
bugs from all over would make their way,
to honor an elder that for centuries displayed
a patient persistence that never once had strayed.

For many years without fail, he resided in place,
protecting many a traveler under housing of shade.
A mass monument of nature that firmly embraced
a way for all others to follow set pace.

With roots lain in meaning, he planted a seed,
that if nourished could potentially free
landfills of people with no food to feed.
Giving privilege to living is an example for all
to create a new future, outside garden walls.

With outstretched arms he mustered the winds,
rustling through leaves like trumpets that sing.
Announcing to all that he was ready to speak
with a voice of humility, silent yet deep.

His speech was no secret, but whispered in depth,
blown without breathing, given utter respect,
like the seasonal changes we grow to accept.
This uncrowned king shook the earth as he spoke,
words that could stretch, above and below.
Rooted in truth, he moved with no feet
standing on grounds, cemented in peace.

Everyone gathered as grandfather began,
as always he applauded, "first the land,
for without it, we couldn’t be here to stand.
To every grain of dirt down to the core of earth,
let us bow our heads and value their worth.”

The weeping willow, off to the left,
was touched beyond reason and couldn't hold back,
a showering of flower tear drops he wept,
upon hearing what the great oak said.
Down from the ground and up to his head
his colors all changed from green to red,
inspired in spirit, the willow just knew
when the great oak spoke, it was solid and true.

Great Grandfather then continued in a soft soothing voice
that only without ears could you hear any noise.
“My animal, mineral and seedling dominions,
we give great joy to existence for living.
For every year I’ve been granted a notch,
to take from the soil and here stand watch.

Our natural family, together we live,
to nourish each other with creations gift.
To the skies for rain, the air we breathe,
this land that remains even after we leave.
The roots of us now have deeply instilled,
that we must protect, sometimes even shield,
all mountains, rivers and green grassy fields.

There is uprising neglect of our mothers wish,
to live out in harmony, peace and bliss.
It seems this new enemy to all livelihood,
had once been our friend, but lately no good.

These two legged creatures show no respect,
step over each other in their will to erect,
a new world over the one they’ve been given,
this isn’t a fad, it’s their way of living.
So blind and unaware to think they can buy,
our water and land, even the sky!

I am saddened, forsaken, my branches now shaking,
angered by these humans, that only know taking.
The world, for surely has never been for sale,
yet they cut down my brothers, even use them for mail!"

The animals were outraged, the birds got foul,
mighty roars from the lions rung out.
Violently opposed to be a link on the chain
that connected their life with food on a plate.

The day became dark, clouds suited in black,
overhearing the animals screeching with wrath.
Rain came falling down with no turning back,
lightning and thunder following the pack.

Nature's anger then came to a peak,
with tornadoes churning waves of the sea
in a blender of gelatin reality.
Liquid skyscraper towers that climbed so high,
molding a culture, out of touch with the times.

It was then in an instant, all became clear,
realizing that anger stems out of fear.
Silence swept over the once rowdy crowd,
peace and understanding had now been found.
A rainbow of change sprouted from below,
coloring a path overlain in gold.

"The way is not easy," the great oak spoke,
"for it takes much courage to keep warm in the cold.
We must set an example for the human to see,
for if you follow their way, you can never be free.
They must change their ways or no longer we’ll know,
the beauty of life and what it means to grow.

It's time now to branch out and spread the word,
share with each and every creature what you've heard.
In hopes that one day the humans too shall learn,
that life is sacred and not meant to be burned.
The fire of life begins from within,
a litten existence that brightens the dim.

Wherever you go or end up to be,
take with you these words and think of them please.
When taking from another to live and breathe,
no longer the flower, you’ve become the weed.”
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