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It’s a beauty
that moves me
from deep within,
all around and
underneath my skin.
This founding pleasure
rising to the surface
in measures of which
I cannot explain.

I release
and let go,
just allow
it to control
each and every move
from my head to my toes.
As if it knows what’s best for me,
these undulating beats
like waves of the sea,
in a rhythm that repeats
to lead my feet
with steps uncertain.
So I watch and learn them.

Humbled by its presence
I can only follow,
let down my defenses
and become as hollow,
so that it may flow
in a freedom
that teaches.
No curriculum
or patterns to learn,
beyond the reaches
of any written word.
Instilled within all
but meant to be felt,
is the universal call
to let go and melt.
When we . . .


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