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Illuminate the Divine
Illuminate the Divine

When one comes to an understanding that divinity is within and no longer separate from us, we then "illuminate the divine."

A flower grows with the assistance of water, sunlight, etc., yet without the root or stem, there is an inability to nourish itself. The connection between the petals and the root are imperative to its very existence.

The human module as well, relies entirely on the unseen connection between physical life and death. As an energy being, electricity animates the body, fueling us with a force that breathes the experience of living as a conscious entity.

The gift of life is divine and how we express this divinity is a personal choice.

Whatever decisions are made in our lives, they become a reflection of our inner world, giving back what we put forth. This concept isn't Karma as people know it and there isn't such a hierarchy to disperse any kind of recompense. In fact, its simplicity can be met with ease.

"How you utilize your life force or energies, is exactly the shape and design by which you are rewarded."

Just as the running waters give shape to the earth, so it is with every moment of our conscious and unconscious existence.

To Illuminate the Divine, is to give the gift that keeps on giving, your inheritance is vast, invest wisely.


     Persistence is an exercise of the mind, much like physical exertion is for the body. Honing the will and directing intention, while strengthening the link between fantasy and reality, or rather heaven & earth.

A firm determination is required to materialize imagination, through the practice of persistence, we build a foundation where thoughts come alive,creating a breeding ground for miracles.

Neurology offers us insight into the powers of intention and how it may affect our lives. Each impulse to move comes directly from our brain, sending a signal through our nervous system, thus creating movement.

Through the persistent practice of physical movement, a neurological groove becomes etched in by which a connection between the body and brain is increased.

As well, outside our perceptual walls of consciousness, exists an energetic web, much like our nervous system, which connects all beings, sentient and otherwise. Just as the recognizance of our divinity within grants us the inheritance of our true nature, the divine extends beyond our personal "I."

Persistence offers us the ability to lead our lives based upon the divinity within all, even when it seems as though the divine appears to be like a complete stranger to others. One's will to live and act out according to their own understanding of life and relationships will most often be challenged many times.

The maintenance of one's own connection with the divine is important to staying the course. Expressing elements of divinity is not always met with an amiable reply when communicating with others, and it's very easy to feel disappointed, thinking that "nobody else cares, why should I?"

The most potent tool of teaching is by example, choose to live out what you know to be a true and honest way. The reward of your actions is its very own, as the gift and the giver are as one, remember that your way is representative of all.

Enlightenment Is...

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