Passion for Excellence
Passion for Excellence

Passion, the driving motivational force that has no set reward but the enjoyment of the momentum itself. On a mission to express that which you can no longer leave undone. With passion, one is impelled to exercise every resource available and meet all challenges without reserve.

The word passion comes stems from the late Latin passio, from the root word pasi, meaning "to suffer." As quite often with artists when seen from others, they appear to be suffering in able to persistently work at what would seemingly present no tangible results. However, the artist finds a sense of comfort when immersed in the works, a labor of love one can say.The potential difficulty is in having a balanced relationship with all that exists outside of that which remains within. For the world outside may appear gloomy in comparison to the beauty within, thus it is the artists compulsion to manifest their inner world onto the outer world canvas of life.

Each and every one of us has an artist within, it is simply a matter of how we creatively choose to express ourselves. From writing and painting to cooking and cleaning, art is part of even the most mundane actions of life, such as the way one walks, opens a door or lifts a fork, it is verily the approach one takes with each task at hand.


     Although the future shines with the same vibrancy by which it has been nurtured by past and present, each and every moment holds a promise for change. Since excellence comes from the word excel, with the root meaning being "to rise, project," the question we must ask ourselves as individuals and as part of humanity, is if our personal passions will project a positive result for not only ourselves, but for the all of humankind. For if one continually chooses to reach toward that which is rewarded to the exclusion of others, war, famine and poverty will continue to exist.

A human being of experience and understanding will eventually choose to rise above the substandard conditions in which we have been immersed. While choosing to fight or rage against that which remains to control through power, one loses face in the reflection of a challenge that has plagued humans throughout history. Wherein true identity has been taken and concealed, so that not one among them may recognize the great masquerade of man.

A complete obedience to giving in only propogates the cause of our struggle, whereas giving up has its own volition of undermining personal power. To give in is to lend your hand outwardly and take part in the insurgance of profanity. Whereas giving up simply bequeathes one's energy in the convergent projection of self onto others. The ones that give in to the systematic societal pressures, often feel a great sense of power as they climb up the imaginary ladder of considered attainment. Leaving those who have given up a demeanor of desolation, depression and almost invisible existence.

Yet what remains to be truth has gone untouched by the energetic offspring of insolence, for neither for nor against will commission any hierarchal measures to absolve what encircles existence in a vehicle of its own accord.

There is but one way that will console the desolate and nourish the greedy, yet only can these words you read be written from the heart, in order to recognize the sacred scripture which lies within. If one but just communicate between the extroverted act of giving in with the introverted method of giving up and align the two with the One, all processes of misdirected aggression would cease. And in that empty space of solace, one may encounter a wellspring of abundance that goes beyond what whithers to dust. Without aggregating a heaven nor the condemnation of a hell, there is a free-willing privy that has an eternal excitation of that which lies beyond the borders of intellectual assessment.

Neither God or a Satan could name the invisible realm that plays peekaboo with eyes that are stuck on structure. In other words, thought or action, the variable wealth of wisdom awaits at the end of a rainbow and all the perceptual colorings of representative micro-spots. Each pence of golden disillusionment is but the fare of those whom earn the privilege of short-changing the self to buy into long-range investments.

The honest to goodness reality is now, without a tomorrow or future penance. Any investment in what may appear to be security, is nothing more than placing one's returned change into a pocket lined with holes. We must at first mend the apparitions which beset our communal adjustment of unity, as segregation will continue to take every investment toward peace and civility.

Segregation is neither the slave of a black or white white, for it heeds the beckon call of every red-beating heart. The word segregate stems from the latin meaning to "herd apart," so we may inquire into whom or what exactly is prodding us into corrals that are built with the same enmity that slaughters beings for meat, then ask the self if these surrounding walls were erected in order to keep intruders out or lock up the free.

As we advance beyond all the stigma carried out no less than decades ago, we must continually expand our vision over landscapes of uncharted territory, so that the vast unfettered portion of our selves may begin to align with a potential that exceeds imagination.

In the end, as each second ticks, we have a choice of what our future may bear. Remember, the future is but an extension of now, as time never comes to an end, it is only one's perception that may change.

The alarm is set to go off, wake up before it's time.

The seer and the seen are as one.
Do you see?


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