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Raise the vibration and consciousness will follow. The temperament of an artist or craftsman is the gratitude and honor for that which becomes the giver of gifts. When the gift and the giver are as one, the circle of trust turns into truth.

It has been said many a time and in many ways, the teacher is within.

Let us remain on this journey of accessing inner-technological components of man, before mankind is arrested by the technology of the times.

Is there any expediency in our coming together as human beings? The answer is really up to that of each individual, for existence has been and most likely will continue on, if even without our pin-pointed time of consciousness we call life.

The human perspective of life has its obviated prejudices by which we either succumb and become numb, or unmask the true nature of conflict.

Much of what we experience as pain, sadness and the like, may very well be our own afflictions dressed up in the image of another.

Ones environment is detrimental to the basic functionings of each individual. Projections are more equipped to ride on the back of others, while crossing the sea of the self.

The constant necessitations for gain, seems to be an overwhelming surge of power on the forefront of cultural affairs. From man to country, we can see the alarming unbalance of force. The extent by which foretells of a period of resistance, where ignorance succumbs to itself.

We all can look back only a few decades ago and even now to some degree, and see the alms of prejudism shared throughout the lands, from man to land is the space which hold degree's.

Many wonderful humans have walked upon our land and shared with us the purest trust of our own natures. Buddha, Jesus, Moses, as well as modern guru's such as Krishnamurti, Yogananda, Osho and others.

The path which bears resemblance to truth is likened to the garden of the gods. Placing oneself naked before the maker of "I" , we stand in our own reflection, no longer denied.

The chasm between the conceptual and actual selves is quite a leap indeed, for there is an increaed risk of falling into the abyss. Where life is weakened and fed upon by source. Whereas the positive way is to dance with source in a celebration of life. Yin-Yang

There are various times in our lives when we come to an unforseen place or predicament, a crossroads,  that seems on many levels of our being, to be something we would just rather not face. These moments often have a way of offering insight and opportunity as they could be considered points in our life which define us.

It is not always easy to remember however, being that changes are generally met with some form of resistance, that no matter how difficult this particular time in our life appears, there is usually much potential which comes from this catalyst of growth.

Think about the word occult for a moment. If one's self-dialogue predicates religion, there may be an element of associations within that have already began to sit up in the seats of self-judgment. 

In the end, all these faces of contempt are granted final release, an exaltation of sorts, with a complete freedom to that of a lifelong enmity.

Life and death, competing side by side,
comparing self to others, is a splinter in the eye
that looks outside to realize, how much inside
is blind.

1. oc-cult (vb) to shut off from view : COVER, ECLIPSE
2. occult (adj) 1 : not revealed : SECRET, HIDDEN  2 : ABTRUSE, MYSTERIOUS  3 : of or relating to supernatural agencies, their effects, or knowledge of them [Latin occultus, from occulere "to cover up, hide"]

The subconscious mind and that part of us beyond words are all very much a part of the above makeup.The conceptual god by which many proselytize (from proselyte, literally meaning a new convert [Late Latin Proselytus "proselyte, alien resident"]

What is this subvertant inclination which we all bear, much like the metaphorical cross we carry to the tune of sacrifice. The real sacrifice is made when we complete the circle of understanding with and of ourselves, allowing us the entrance into a relationship with all of life.

On the surface and superficial prospectus of life, we find little time to entertain any sense of the void, for that would entail a greater responsibility... on the surface that is. is dedicated to the preservation of the artist that exists within us all. Although the content over the past two years has changed and most likely will continue to, the root remains to be grounded in the ancient arts of wisdom, artistry and the common good for all.

As we look around us and into the outer world, there is the unfortunate reality that senseless violence, greed and power appear to be operating at an all time high. Therefore it is up to each individual to reach into the depths within and operate from a place that provides a constant nourishment.

We have heard it said that "ignorance is bliss," yet no mention of any disclaimer was made that ignorance was without an effectual. The face of recognition lies within ourselves and yes... at many times may be an unsightly image even to that of our own eyes.

The entwinement of the self and cultured imaging has created a resistance which carries a lingering pain that seems to be much easier to just never face. In other words, as long as I stay here on safe land, I'll never have to learn to swim.

Much of what you will read on this site, is written from the heart, as this is mine own will and testament to the instillment of trust. You may likely come across variants of text in the spoken word section that will seem to be almost as abstract as the artwork you'll find in  Ariel's Abstract Creations

To earnest a short explanation of this process of writing, I must relay to you my own personal journey in learning. You see, much of what flows through this vehicle we'll call Ariel, utilizes a rather different communicative process than the "I" that writes.

What is most often being transcribed is exactly what my inner ear is listening to. Through this inter-dimensional communication, there comes a shifting of awareness that in effect removes the "me" in order to allow for a passage of energies that vibrate much differently than that of my own. There is a much greater capacity within us, accessible to all. Trust.
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by Yogananda
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Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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