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October, 2006
                          Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
     Ancient Wisdom
                           by Ariel Speaks
  Behind human oscillations of sight & sound, there exists a space that that bears no description. It remains free as has always been, just outside of the lingering needs of pleasure by which we are accompanied on this journey.

There are those that worship this sense of magnificence, giving it a body and face with which one can identify. There are others that have come to a conclusion and claim the purpose of life is to make better our death.

For the moment, I'd like to attend to our present state of being and the practice of expansion. Long ago the ancients utilized a method that even today endows the practitioner with an increased awareness of other states of consciousness.

Many people at some time or another have momentarily experienced a greater sense of being, at least more than what was accustomed. What appears to be similar in these cases is in that moment of expansiveness, there is as well a feeling emptiness, as if it were just a dream.

In other words, one experiences a momentary release on what we may consider to be our sense of self.

The ancient ones recognized this and found that through the practice of repetition, the conscious mind would enter into a trance-like state, allowing one the experience of an alternative perception of reality.               
The development of most any skill requires that one learn by the act of doing. Mastery therefore relies on a consistent practice which usually involves the task of repetition after repetition, which enhance motor skills and increase the mind/body connection.

The Chinese have a word for this practice that we are somewhat familiar with, the term is "gung fu" or kung fu. The literal translation of gung fu means "hard work or good skill." So we can say that one who has mastered the art of cooking has good gung fu. Cooking here is just an example, as it could be most any skill, however the original term had little correlation with the practice of martial arts.

The term "art" comes from the Latin ars, derived from techne (Greek), meaning skill. It was believed that all endeavors requiring some degree of skill, was an art. Any development of skill required an understanding of rules, which act as the foundation for each distinct discipline.

The mastery of an art begins at primary level with the study of basics. Through continued practice, the art commences to take shape, assisting the practitioner to envelop a greater understanding of self. The artist then goes through a transformation by which he/she is no longer separate from the art.

Art has the ability to touch people in a way that hasn't any explanation but the transformational experience of realization that comes with an awakening of the artist within.

"Drink from the wellspring source of thine own creativity
in a toast to the gods and you will surely be blessed."                 
                The societal grace of wearing a top hat of guilt that lay under a guillotine, whereby we are outfitted with an adornment that beheads any sense of self-respect. Recognizance of the course and its direction in relationship with our inmost motivations may help draw out a map of the moment.

Life is cyclical and takes shape with each season, the falling leaves of a growing tree teaches us that death is natures way of reconstructing life. Although the Autumn appears to be a time of death and dying, there is a renewal of life which springs forth from the internal influx of winter. The root of the tree is embedded with depth, the leaf needn't cling on as it is so easily blown from the post it once knew as home. 

All "things" are derived from an essence or source, to experience life at the root of things is a most wondrous joy of living.

At the root, one may find 1000 uses for the same device.

There is an original masterpiece prevalent within all, one has only the will to watch it manifest.
What is truth?

In the process of uncovering truth,
we find at the root...  
Do you express your truth?

What is the difference between "your" truth and that of others?

Take a deep breath and dive into
the well of discovery as we journey upon the path of the inner self.
"Allowance is a measure
            by which one allows.
In essence... to give
            is not really to give at all.
But is the meeting of energies
            that balance the scales."

The Work..
        "is when the gift and the giver
   become as one, work no longer
is a laborious pursuit."

The means is immediate
            without any such end.

Pure in thought, word and deed;

  I only
hold that which I
allow to

"Truth is such a substance      as a celibate may seek.
The Nature of Truth
The Nature of Truth
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                    Beyond the surface is just the beginning, thus it is we are so predisposed to dig deeply and unsurface whatever self-destructive measurements are buried within, acting like mental mind-fields. The burden to carry such things has been woven into the fabric of humanity, by which these principles of nourishment have long since passed their ripened state.

The projection of hate is by far the crime that continues to conspire against itself, in so many ways. At the root of hate is the womb of man, umbilicus tied to instinctively mother that which unknowingly nurtures all resultant responsibility born from the behavior and actions of her unborn child.

Let awareness of our own behavior ripple from within and emanate outwardly in waves of acceptance. A change within the tide of denial and all that rides upon currents which connect every human impulse with the emotional sphere of humanity.
       One Thousand to One
Learn 1,000 to understand one
         understand one to know 1,000.

The application rests in your hands.
If you find yourself caught in a moment of perceptual failure and all things seem empty without,
just listen to the words of the whispering wind,
"this too shall pass."

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