The Astrological Sign's encompass all phases of life that together map out each individual's journey on earth.

From the moment of birth, as a fragile baby, our primary concern is that of security. All throughout human infancy, it is imperative that all basic needs be met in order to sustain our existence.

Securing Self

Aries : Self - fire secures by spreading; imprinting
Taurus : Possessions - earth secures by burying; holding
Gemini : Environment - air secures by tempering; carrying
Cancer : Home - water secures by enveloping; containing

As we grow from childhood to the adult state, our measure of security is challenged by outer forces. Overlaying great importance upon our first stage of existence and the foundation for future growth: Security.

Throughout adolescence and into early stages of adulthood, we must summon our innermost personal power. This is the time we set off into the world as an individual, leaving home for the first time.

Confronted with elements with which we must now face alone, we begin to see ourselves in a new light. Examining our self, outside of parental projections, in comparison with the outer reflection of environment.

Comparing Self

Leo : Expression - fire compares by talent; playing
Virgo : Work - earth compares by value; serving
Libra : Relationships - air compares by miming; following
Scorpio : Potency - water compares by reflecting; detecting

Learning invaluable lessons over the years, we acquire a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. We are then ready to extrovert the energies that in the past introspectively assisted us in understanding our own uniqueness, accumulating confidence, self-assurance and respect along the way.

Overcoming the personal challenges encountered on our journey, we are then more capable of sharing with others a broader understanding of life. Having developed a greater tolerance for individual differences, we are able to approach life with the patience necessary to be of service to others.

Extending Self

Sagittarius : Knowledge - fire extends by seeking; opening
Capricorn : Position - earth extends by collecting; climbing
Aquarius : Influences - air extends by spreading; media
Pisces : Motives - water extends by reshaping; transmutation

A transmution of the self occurs when we no longer stand in the way of a greater good. The selfish needs of our infant self has matured beyond its limiting capacity to merely introvert energy. We now are able to reach out and beyond basic needs, while functioning with a heightened awareness.

It is then that the identity by which we sought so hard to shape, mold & acquire throughout our lifetime, turns to dust. Allowing all that IS the freedom to flow within and without each separate self, encircling all with an eternal truth;

"The beginning and the end are the same."
Astrology Basics
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Astrology Beyond Design

Without entwining astrology with prognostication, or predicting the future, there is a philosophy embedded within what the general public may not be aware.

As in most courses of study,when we begin, we merely touch the surface of understanding, but to go beneath takes time, patience and practicality.

"When aware of the design beneath,
all things as we know them to be, turn to dust.
There remains standing only you,
the connecting link to the world."
Astrology Baby Wands
(Aries shown Above)
Astrology influence: Mars Positive Expression: Assertive, energetic, courageous, active, and honest Negative Expression: Unreceptive, dominating, headstrong, and quick-tempered
JADE - Reducesstress
CARNELIAN - Opens heart chakra enhances attainment with inner self
GARNET - Stimulates love
CLEAR QUARTZ - Dispels negativity and activates positive energy
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Revealing Hidden Teachings of Native American Astrology and the medicine wheel
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