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Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
New Year Resolves 2006

Here are Marlena Rock Lady's suggested resolutions for '06.
They are the life-areas that have the most energy vibrating for each sign . 
Try to match some of your personal goals with what
the planetary energies have aligned for you

Resolve to ...

ARIES - Crystal

          ... allow for spiritual exploration. Faith is spelled R.I.S.K. Each one who has a soul has psychic power, but remember, there are no shortcuts to God!  You are there, but self-interests must take a back-seat. Take the time to heal, rebuild, refresh the physical, but most of your strength will come from the spirit this year. 

LAPIS LAZULI   strengthens psychic power.

TAURUS - Emerald

          ... make new friends, and participate in club functions. Join the compliment club
by complimenting three people daily. By enlivening others' personalities, you magnetize your own and become fascinating to other people.

CHRYSOPRASE   enhances the art of flattery.

GEMINI - Tiger Eye

          ... improve the quality of your work situation by socializing with the upper crust. Learn to play golf, join a book club, exchange books. There is hope for a break-thru this year.

MALACHITE   helps bring new money and new friends.

CANCER – Moonstone

          ... return to instruction for further education, travel to a new place, give up a bad habit. Get started on your road to improved health.

MOSS AGATE   for healing, immediate results.

LEO – Ruby

          ... be more generous with your money and possessions. Adopt an orphan and give to the unfortunate. LOVE, the "supreme nurturer" brings out what you were born to do which is to bring joy and support to others as well as  break the chains of doubt and fear.

ROSE QUARTZ   stimulates the true life force

VIRGO–Lapis Lazuli

          ... to share your life and pay attention to someone special. To be kind to the young and hug the old.  

JASPER   brings the dawn out of darkness.

LIBRA – Opal

          ... to find an exciting job and make the best of it. If your job seems dull, figure a way to  revive your interest. It takes guts to leave the ruts.

CRAZY LACE AGATE   promotes job security, promotion, raise, new job.


          ... to start a family, or expand your quality of living, and to find a need and fill it.  It is better to be one who acts than to be an arm-chair critic.

UNAKITE   for self esteem, self improvement.


          ... to move into a larger home, bring color and music into your environment, keep a happy heart by offering the lonely an optimistic friend.

RUTILATED QUARTZ   never be lonely again


          ... to buy the car you've always wanted/needed, and begin a major writing project.
Put the words on paper ...  it's easy, just like talking. 

TIGER EYE   is good for communication and the perfect car.

AQUARIUS  - Amethyst

          ... to increase your income and reward yourself with an extravagant gift, make a deposit into your dreams, and make it possible for you to have fun this year.

RUBY   brings about a friend of the opposite sex.

PISCES – Bloodstone

          ... to utilize all your creative and artistic powers, and to pamper yourself a little bit.
If you can dream it you can do it. For attunement of creative vibrations
use the  

BLOODSTONE w/ red flecks   for creative and artistic pursuits
                                                 (dark green)   for attunement of creative vibrations

Article Copyright ©  2006 Marlena Rocklady
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