Tarot Journey:
Major Arcana
Tarot Magician
Tarot Fool - Major Arcana
Tarot Fortuna
Tarot Justice
Tarot Hanged Man
Tarot Death
Tarot Temperance
Tarot Devil
Tarot Tower
Tarot Star
Tarot High Priestess
Tarot World
Tarot Empress
Tarot Emperor
Tarot Hierophant
Tarot Lovers
Tarot Chariot
Tarot Strength
Tarot Hermit
Tarot Moon
Tarot Sun
Tarot Judgement
Of the Major Arcanum
Planted within time and space is manifest the seed of the imagined.
I and they are One
Each morning draw a tarot card, then later in the evening write out what relationship the tarot played in your experience for the day. 
Tarot Tip: Keep a daily tarot journal.
The Awakening
"Who am I?"
"Who are they?"
Inner Resolve
"Who am I really?"
Manifest Assessment
"Will they accept the real me?"
Designing the Tapestry Representation of "I"
Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom
Tarot Card enthusiasts must read!
The tarot cards present a direct experience into the inner mysteries that preside within the secret of our selves.

Not only does an unbiased outlook offer us a different perspective on things, it as well allows us the experiencing of examining our own coloring book perception of reality.

It was the psychologist Carl Jung who initially brought this archetypal concept to light, with which we can see it embedded in religion, mythology and culture as a whole.

There have been many a one to expand on this simple concept, much like Joseph Campbell did in his books
The Tarot cards, astrology and other formats of consciousness, grant us a doorway into the light of our own being, a path by which each one of  us must undertake alone. No matter what model one chooses to  disassemble life into a more comprehensible means, the truth of each lies directly within.

As the tarot world card of  the major arcana represents a perfect circle of truth, it is as if an eye that sees back into itself. Thus being in direct relationship to all things, there is a harmony of opposites by which encompasses the fools journey.
The World Within
with Carl jung
Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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