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This very well, by metaphor, could be considered the angelic realm often heard about. Rather abstract embodiments of universal forces which seem to be greater than little parts of the whole. Whether sparked by an element comparative to our own consciousness or not, is what interpretational choice is made. The relevance of superiority elicits a behavior fed by fear with centuries to make withstanding many deep trenches, filled with verbiage that runs boldly into ink, resting on the minds of all men. Mythological symbols weaved in dreams, etched into the consciousness of mankind. Formulating each and every breath of the dream weavers landscape a-cross. 
Guardian Angel Oval Agate Cameo
14K Gold Pendant on Chain
The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot
System for Divination, Skrying, and Ritual Magick
Tarot Major Arcana
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Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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