Fact or Fraction

The Core is the door of which I speak.
Not folklore or any more of the stories
that escape the mind,
left behind in counterfeit memories.
Or can’t we, see through the veils,
when tooth and nail,
we strive to drive our attention,
not to mention our ego and pride,
unlike the seagull, that soars in the sky. Above the lies, which underlines
most of what we do.
Our action, reaction born,
is just a fraction of the me,
even the fish in the sea,
swim in the shallow, swim in the deep.
As the eagle in the sky, will fly high....
We are one.

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rhap-so-dy \ 'rap-sed-e \ n, pl -dies  1 : a written spoken expression of extravagant praise or ecstasy  2 : a musical composition of irregular form [Latin rhapsodia "portion of an epic poem adapted for recitation", from Greek rhapsoidia "recitation of selections from epic poetry", from rhaptein "to sew, stitch together" + aidein "to sing"]
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