Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
Toothpick Houses

Blind eyed night in a cast of frozen why’s,
will split between the is and isn’t.
Living the life,
action wifed,
no question of whether did or didn’t.
Words out of your mouth,
said bled of no emotion,
a foray of lymphatic node tones,
all just the structure of skin and bones.
When the fat of the answer has severed,
my life from the lies cast down before me.
Broken bought culture,
existence with like mind vultures.
Grants me the rules to be like no other.
I don’t care what you say, one hasn’t the right,
to live in the dark and denounce all light, 
the cavern calamity, your city of might.
A fortress of man, graven man made appeal,
tooth pick constructed overlaid with mirrors.
Tinted on inside unrecognizable without,
a one way mirror to remove any doubt.
Who is guilty when the guilt of all,
hangs upon the momentum built history wall.
A memorial of stair stepping blues,
winding down pretension confuse,
the refuse of our ways plagiarizes each day,
almost to the point of no escape.
To rape each other just to fill our bounty
my jaw falls in disgust,
yet you continue in a rusted out
rationalized continuum,
carnivore hunger never fed.
I am so sickened by this world of disease,
quickened to see that itself be freed,
from the pain inflicted upon self.
Sad and sadistically we are brought into life to die,
that is the fact of the matter. What is the question why?
Or maybe one would prefer,
to see life as a gift and not defer
the little time it has to spend.
Whatever way you choose,
I can almost guarantee you’ll lose,
for there is in all things its opposite,
from the bottom to the very top of it,
multiplistic opposing view.
So see me as I am, not what you think
or don’t understand,
for behind my shadow you’ll see,
the stain remaining pane glass dirty.
Wipe, completely wipe it out,
for centered in your brain there is every doubt,
there could be trouble in the toothpick house.
For I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.
Make me an offer I cannot refuse,
nothing could ever be had so what would I ever have to lose? 
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Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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