Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era

Unearthing Nature

Not the reward or the thought of achievement, that moves one to learn or whether believe that the true gift is the research itself,
there be the lift you can place on your shelf.
No trophy or medal will ever contest,
you like the investment in knowledge to date, each experience mates with the right to make the best decisions ever made in your life.
Not right or wrong, short or long,
where one has bound measures
will tie up in pressures,
equal to the string you yourself have wound.

Unwind away or behind you’ll stay
tangled up in a knot, forgotten yesterday.
Stay there and rot with the plot you’ve buried
or remove the coffin been carried
and dropped down into graven images, wrapped around consistent conditions,
that have trapped your sound mind
into thinking out loud,
shrouded fantasies played surround sound
that only you can hear.
Has this been made clear?
Or should we continue once more,
from start to finish, your human privilege
is to open the door to more information, possibly store a new found creation,
to the database representing the you.

Why finish to pin your beginning anew,
to the revolving score that will only prove
o keep letting you replay the scene.
Moving over again and again,
in same place you stay
till the slate is all clean, lesson been gleaned
from the reflection or screen
of the face streaming in full color
connecting you with your dreams.
Alas the meaning underneath the surface,
lies at depth and deep within the core, unearthing the elements given by nature,
what are you waiting for?
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Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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