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     and things will shall flow
much easier,

like a dance.
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Psychic Statement
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  • Clairvoyance
  • Astral Projection
  • Mirroring
  • Scrying
  • Empathic sensitivity
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with Ariel's  Intuitive Consultants
Never underestimate the power of a consultation,  I am always amazed at what can come about when a strong connection is made. 
By scaling the depths...
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Expert Psychics
What will we exchange in a personalized psychic consultation?
Our expert psychics and intuitive consultants will share their undivided time, care and guidance...
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In our psychic consultations, you will not see any personal bias directed toward:
gender, sexuality, religion, color, beliefs, nationality, age, job, status, etc.

These levels of relating with others are not only an abomination to oneself, but the whole world at large.
Intuitive Consultation
  • Psychometry
  • Channeling
  • Manifestation
  • Aura Reading
Psychic Consultants
Total Freedom
The Essential Krishnamurti
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Ariel Speaks
Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
Psychic Consultations
Here is a true story to give you an example as to the unpredictability of a during an intuitive consultation.

"To do any one thing effectively, the honest to goodness trust of oneself at levels beyond comprehension is detrimental. It is by this very faculty that one divide the art from the artist.

Our life is the masterpiece that we, with our own hands, hang upon the perceptual walls which inhabit us and even though we may sometimes have the duty of coloring within lines, one is most always the one that chooses which color."
Psychic Advice
        Intuition is an ability that all human beings have access to, it is the ability to simply "know" something, without any direct proof. Our sensations (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) can become a doorway by which we can connect with our sixth sense. Sometimes these insights or visions may come in fragments, other times the answers are direct and clear.

Our intuitive consultants have many years of training that have allowed their psychic powers to bloom. Psychic Consultants have been gifted with the ability to enter into the past, present and future, bringing back "messages from beyond."

And as well....
                                so do you.

We all have the powers to see ourselves in the light of what is actual, yet the mind tends to at times become dusted and covered with concerns that completely immerse our attentiveness.

Here is where our spiritual guides can be of assistance, from a distance they can bring information with an often times different perspective than your own. At times, the messages received are embedded with such truth that it becomes a catalyst for issuing an immediate and direct trance state unto the listener.

Psychic Consultations are a source for wisdom and insight in your search to better understand the ever-changing world around you. There are many times in our lives when we become confused and unstable, without anyone we can turn to. It can be during those brief, yet intense moments, that having the right guidance there to assist, could very well change your life in an instant.

In a psychic consultation and intuitive reading, you will receive a map of the moment, that if normally followed will naturally  predict your future. Sometimes the psychic messages we receive may amaze you, it may even shock you into finally taking the necessary steps to change your life forever!
For those of us who are open to growth, consulting with one of our intuitive readers may be just what was right for the moment, also known as
For those who are just curious and enjoy psychic readings purely for entertainment, we shall treat your inquiry with the same consideration shown to those who are looking for answers. However, if you consider the answers you receive with an open mind, don't be surprised if what just seemed like coincidence eventually comes to pass.

Although the insight we share in our psychic consultations is available to everyone, the words you receive hold a special meaning that is meant just for you. Our psychic readers do not use a script nor a computer generated program during a psychic reading.  

One of the most honorable and fulfilling causes one could dedicate their life to, is to give.

That gift is the acceptance of what is an inherent part of each of us. It is a most wonderful experience to connect with the simultaneous flow of receiving and giving; where the reward is the immediate experience itself. This is the connective link from that which flows within ourselves and the world at large. From the standpoint of human perception, our trust and allowance is the measure by with it runs.

Our psychic consultants are there for you upon request, allow us to enhance your life with a wisdom of the ancients. You'll be glad you did!
There are various styles that a psychic reader may use in a reading, one very gifted psychic consultant Marlena Rocklady receives psychic impressions by utilizing stones in her psychic consultations. 
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