The practice of writing utilizes faculties by which we are able to access information from sources unseen.

It has been mentioned time and time again, that the answer to all things simply lies within.

This is the one statement I uphold to be true, for the inner landscape has no territorial bounds in the eternal vastness of imagination. Just as we train our body to excel beyond it's limitations, imagination as well, only gets better with practice.

"Imagination is the precursor of creation"

With 26 letters of the alphabet, there are a multitudinous number of combinations, hence meanings one can employ through the personal expression of writing.

During the course of a day, we may encounter considerably thousands of thoughts floating around throughout our head.

Just as much as we are able to turn our attention outwardly, there is as well the ability to turn inwardly, also known as tuning in.

Upon going deep within to craft art into form, there are no such boundaries of withdrawal. Lines of comparison are erased as the element of trust begins to color our work.

The more one allow their hands to express the free flowing creativity that is forever present, one begins to notice their art taking on new forms, heightened expression, with an artistic right that cannot be compared.

"There is an original masterpiece prevalent within all, one has only the will to watch it manifest."
Spoken Word Poetry
"The Works"

On the following pages, you will find various written pieces referred to as "the works."

The works are made up of spoken word poetry, short stories, prose, children's stories & poems. Although various styles of writing are listed, every piece shares a sense of spirituality and the connection with humanity.
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Spoken Word Poetry
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Sacred Vibration of Aum
Spoken Word Poetry
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Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Era
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Exercise in Communication

The Book of Secrets
           by Osho Zen

When I Dance
Listen Here
BeWildering Wilderness
Constructive Must've
Bridging the Distance
Crossing the Abysmal
Own Up to Grow Up
Unmasking the Master
Seed of Change
A Penny for your Thoughts
Dimensions in Question
Great Grandfather Oak
Dancing Death Depths
Taxation by Birth
Considered Intelligible
The Shape of Depth
Common Foundry
Sentimental Mentor
Clown Descent
The Apprentice
Reliving Inner Worth
Stony Innocence
Salvation Named
Pieces of Me
Meeting the Maker
Kingdom Calamity
Time Capsule Castles
Mankind Ways
Shapely Sedately
The Shadow Whisperers
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Unearthing Nature
Imaginative Differings
Without Measure
White Out
Uniquely Basted
Birth to Earth
Nomadic Enchantment
Seed of Sorrow
Naked Innocence
Label Debate
Crowned Below Ground
Crucifix Sticks
Earth to Humanity
Education Creation
Empty Heads Fill
Garden of Gratitude
Perception's Curse
Rabbit's Habit
Beyond Ponderance
Just an Ant
Religious Differences
Aristocratic Entendre
Imagination Leapt
Look Out not In
Substratum Existence
Casting Off the Veil
Scented Resentment
Voiture Omnibus
Weaving Belief
Manifesto Of Power
  Place yourself in a space of complete security and make sure to position yourself comfortably. Create an atmosphere of ambience, lower lighting and possibly a scent to further the mood.

With your chosen writing utensil begin, but only this time when writing, make an agreement with yourself that you won't peek at what you've written till at least one whole page is finished.

  Through practice, you may find that what you write is somewhat different than the normal flow of consciousness we usually experience. Over time, internal dialogue will open up and take on a multitude of shapes that are only limited by ones imagination.

The technique we are employing is that of a nonjudgmental experience, without the need to have to read over and consequently edit our creative flow, our experience is broadened on many levels.

Try it, you may be surprised!